Our Meat (NO MDM)

We take great care in ensuring that the best quality of meat is used in Dewfresh products. We do not use mechanically separated meat  (MDM). Mechanically separated meat  is a much cheaper kind of meat  derived from the meat and tissue left on animal carcasses once the main cuts have been removed.

There has been much debate on the use of mechanically separated meat in processed meat products and in the EU , this meat must be clearly labelled as such and does not count as part of the stated meat content of the product, according to the EFSA (Europaen Food Safety Authority ) regulations .

The raw material, our meats, used in our products are the starting point to our products. Our family has been in the meat trade since 1884 and till today we use our expertise in the meat trade to make sure that the raw material selected is only of the best quality to guarantee  a final product which is genuinely good and of course, tasty . So ‘bite into superior quality’ by choosing Dewfresh products –  which are NOT made from mechanically separated meat .