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We are a long established pork and beef processing company producing tasty and meaty burgers, english type sausages, frankfurters, bacon, ham and mince.

About us

Dewfresh Products Ltd. is one of the largest pork and beef processing companies in Malta and has been established since 1982. The parent firm, ‘Gianni Pisani’, has been established since 1884 and it is from that time that the Pisani family, who owns and runs the company, has been directly involved in the meat trade.

Being the pioneer of the beef burger and sausage industry in Malta, Dewfresh Products Ltd. has a long-standing reputation as a quality producer of meat products with its esteemed retail and catering clientele. Today Dewfresh has become a household name which is synonymous with goodquality products.

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Our Products

Here at Dewfresh we produce a wide range of frozen products together with a selection of fresh cuts. We take great care in ensuring that only the best quality of meat and other ingredients are used to make Dewfresh products so that our final product is a genuine and high quality product which consumers can enjoy.

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DewFresh Products Ltd.
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Albertown Cold Stores
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